Catapult: Producing irresistible content that converts – fast.

Powered through generative AI and created by commerce experts, Catapult revolutionizes scoring, generating, iterating, and scaling content creation and optimization.

Catapult infuses the voice of the shopper into your content to drive visibility, engagement, and conversions.

With CourtAvenue’s proprietary AI content generation tool, you can seamlessly integrate category insights, keyword research, retailer guidelines, and industry best practices to quickly generate high-performing content that wins the shoppable moment.

Product Description Pages (PDP)

Catapult changes the game for PDP performance content generation. Using data-driven insights and machine learning, our platform can efficiently produce high-quality, optimized content that’s easily scalable across large product catalogs.

Web Content

Create conversion-driven product and service descriptions, landing page copy, long-form content like blog posts, and more. Catapult generates clear and compelling copy that drives action – all in your brand’s voice.


Elevate your media campaigns with Catapult and develop enhanced copy for social media posts, taglines, and more.

Brands and retailers are looking for ways to generate, optimize, and scale content quickly. Catapult enables our clients to:

Accelerate Time to Market

Catapult reduces the amount of effort it takes to produce and optimize content, saving you time and money. It also helps your team more efficiently scale optimizations to meet changing consumer needs, retailer dynamics, and regional requirements.

Increase Performance

Better content converts. Catapult maps to consumer trends and helps generate fresh, seasonally relevant content that boosts findability and improves sales performance by up to 20%!

Streamline Workflow

Catapult can be customized to your own needs and processes through integrations with your PIM, DAM and other workflow tools.

Generate, optimize, manage, and score lead-driving content.


With Catapult, you can create customizable Associations, or inputs, to inform your content generation. Catapult enables you to create associations for keywords, tone and voice, retailer guidelines, languages, topics, brand guardrails, and more.

Product Lists

Whether you need to generate content for a new product line or you want to easily keep track of participating items in an activation, Catapult allows you to create custom lists to manage your products.

Batch Editing

Update several products at once with Catapult’s batch editing capability. Batch editing allows you to create and schedule seasonal and promotional copy changes to align with consumer search patterns and changing interests or make keyword optimizations.

Live Scoring & Guidance

Ensure top keyword coverage throughout your content through reporting, helping to prioritize usage within content for maximum findability. Catapult can also live-score content against Associations to grade how well it matches your brand’s tone and voice, fits within retailer requirements, and aligns with best practices. 

Developed by experts across data, content, UX, AI, and LLMs, Catapult was designed to help retailers, brands, and content creators do more, faster. We bring together depth of experience and the power of generative AI for content that wins the digital landscape.

We’re committed to responsible and ethical AI.

At CourtAvenue, we develop AI tools that not only save our clients time, but are also deployed responsibly and ethically. We prioritize transparency, fairness, and accountability in collecting and using data, designing our algorithms, and engaging with stakeholders. Together, we can help build a more trustworthy and inclusive AI ecosystem for everyone.

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