The most persuasive AI-powered agent for converting browsers into buyers.

AI will completely change the metaphor for digital engagement, interaction and marketing.

CourtAvenue empowers brands to implement AI across their organization

We’ve built an enterprise architecture, we call, that allows our clients to provide conversational commerce experiences, customer care solutions, and dynamic content creation. It’s fast to implement, completely secure, LLM agnostic and affordable. We’d love to give you a demo

And it’s all on brand

Our technology is built and trained on top of your brand's own insights, data and content, focusing on key action barriers. Your brand experts can train it across internal and partner teams, for greatest accuracy and effectiveness.

Journey Informed

The AI experience is journey aware and can provide an experience that is sensitive to where a user is within a broader sets of tasks to complete.

Emotionally Tuned

Responses and interactions can flex between rational (tell me) and emotional (sell me) moments, especially when operated within specifically branded experiences.

Brand Calibrated

The voice and tone of the experience is in-line with master brand guidelines and the specific guidelines set for the AI experience, including settings for when to be more brand-neutral versus brand-forward.   


Context Aware

Gaits and triggers have been considered that help the experience recognize when a goal has been achieved (i.e. ready for live sales person to move onto next recommended step) and naturally can move a visitor on to the next stage. 


Data Flow Minded

Provide the ability to collect and log data points that help create a broader profile from the interaction experience, similar to how a person logs insights about a conversation for future use, with the ability to send data to other systems for personalization, marketing automation, lead generation, etc).  

Performance Baselined

Where AI is replacing or augmenting an existing interaction method, the bar for exceeding performance levels must be understood. It should incorporate standards like existing KPIs, but may also include additional KPIs such as enhanced customer perception of the experience.   


Genjo is an enterprise platform that enables companies to deploy LLMs onto their digital platforms using their data, brand and voice.

Use any LLM: ChatGPT, Bard, Open source, etc.

Train using your data or real-time APIs.
Expand beyond the LLM data limits.
Personalize a voice to represent your brand and goals.
Create rails that keep users focused on your content
Integrate to external systems to inform BI, CDP, CRM and other platforms
Design with intent to increase ROI, customer satisfaction, & productivity
Can be deployed as a chat, search, or a custom application.

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