CourtAvenue Earns Top Honors as Adweek's 2023 #1 Fastest Growing Agency

Adweek named CourtAvenue, the leading digital transformation agency, the #1 Fastest Growing Agency in 2023 this week, recognizing its nearly 6000% growth in revenue over the past three years. This prestigious accolade underscores CourtAvenue’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and remarkable growth.

CourtAvenue’s Co-Founder and Partner, Kenny Tomlin, expressed gratitude for the trust and partnership from valued clients and for the team’s relentless effort and unwavering dedication. “This recognition is a tribute to the remarkable talent and tireless commitment of the CourtAvenue Collective. We are honored Adweek recognizes CourtAvenue’s creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking to drive success for our clients.”

CourtAvenue’s growth has been propelled by the partnerships of brands like KIA, Epson, General Mills and U.S. Air Force over the last three years. The company credits this success to its development of industry-leading capabilities and a team comprised of agency veterans and senior talent

CourtAvenue’s dedication to innovation and its ability to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of the industry have played a pivotal role in its award of the #1 Fastest Growing Agency title. The agency continues to explore new technologies, creative trends, and data-driven strategies to deliver exceptional results for clients across various industries.

As CourtAvenue celebrates this significant achievement, the agency remains dedicated to its mission of helping clients thrive in the digital age. With its creative prowess and commitment to excellence, CourtAvenue looks forward to shaping the future of advertising and marketing.