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Walmart Brand Shop and Shelf: Two New Ways to Elevate Your Brand Presence and Extend Your Reach

Walmart announced that it’s opening up two new self-serve solutions to all Walmart suppliers (first-party sellers) and Marketplace brand owners (third-party sellers): Walmart Brand Shop and Shelf. Free to build, publish, and maintain, these tools give brands critical, shoppable real estate on Walmart.com and the Walmart app. They can also serve as free destinations for paid search campaigns (i.e., Walmart Sponsored Brands and Display campaigns) and other offsite activations.

A new channel has opened up for brands. What’s your plan to get Brand Shop and Shelf live?

Walmart Brand Shop
Walmart Brand Shop is an always-on virtual storefront designed for brand storytelling and item promotion. A Shop can serve as a landing page for campaigns and offsite activations, such as social media and email. Customers can also navigate to a Brand Shop through the brand byline at the top of the product detail page (PDP). Brands are allowed one Brand Shop per registered brand.

Walmart Shelf

Walmart Shelf is a virtual aisle that runs independent of the Brand Shop. Ideal for new item launches and seasonal activations, a Shelf can serve as a campaign landing page and can be linked to the Brand Shop. Shelf is also much simpler than Brand Shop, allowing no more than two components (hero banner and item collection). Brands can have multiple Shelf pages for each registered brand.

How They Work Together

While a Brand Shop offers a one-page or single-tier storefront, a Shelf can act as a Brand Shop subpage to house a curated assortment of items designed around a seasonal promotion, theme, category, or benefit.

How is this different from other retailer storefronts?

Walmart Brand Shop and Shelf is similar to other retailer storefronts (like Amazon Stores) in that it’s a free, self-serve tool that brands can customize using the available modules. And while brands can leverage existing storefront assets and messaging, they should also consider a level of customization for Walmart, including sizing assets appropriately and reviewing sales data to identify best sellers.

Measuring Success

Brands can track Brand Shop views, visitors, and orders across 10 metricsthrough the Walmart Ad Center. Unfortunately, Shelf pages do not have performance reporting metrics at this time. Brands will need to piece together sales data from other sources, such as Profitero.

What Happened to Walmart Brand Pages?

Walmart Brand Shop and Shelf replace Walmart Brand Pages –– landing pages that were not self-serve, were live for a limited time, required a hefty investment (which included media spend), and had lengthy lead times.

Why It Matters

Customers expect highly curated, shoppable touchpoints throughout the shopper journey. Digital storefronts like Amazon Stores and now Walmart Shop and Shelf have become standard practice for best-in-class brand and shopping experiences.

To stay competitive across the Walmart digital landscape, it’s critical that brands take advantage of this extra real estate at the point of purchase. Walmart Brand Shop and Shelf is a great way to elevate brand campaigns seasonally while maintaining always-on content.

The Rise of the Self-serve Digital Storefront

In offering a free, self-serve digital storefront builder, Walmart is following in the footsteps of retail giant Amazon, which has made it irresistibly easy for brands to stand up their own shoppable hubs within the Amazon ecosystem.

Self-serve storefronts are a win-win for brands and retailers alike. While brands can quickly launch beautiful shopping experiences showcasing their portfolio of products, the retailer sees greater engagement and higher conversion rates –– not to mention the advertising dollars from Walmart Sponsored Brands and Display campaigns.

Although this kind of free tool takes several months to years to productize, it seems all but inevitable that retailers will move towards a self-serve option for branded destinations.

What’s your plan to get Brand Shop and Shelf live?

Now is the time to launch your Walmart Brand and Shelf. Contact us to discuss how we can create an incredible shopping experience using Walmart’s new tools.



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