CourtAvenue Commerce

Winning the shoppable moment has never been more complex.

CourtAvenue helps brands conquer this complexity.

We solve your hardest challenges by helping you navigate higher consumer expectations, siloed internal organizations, and growing needs from retail partners. Using data and a proprietary view of the shopper, we bring brand-quality experiences to the shelf, acting as an extension of your team to help you master the thousands of details that come together to deliver excellence in commerce marketing.

We’re commerce veterans. ​

We combine our depth of experience in CPG and retail with data insights and a unique understanding of shoppers to help clients reinvent how things are done.

We align our commerce offerings to what we know about your shoppers’ unique needs - leading to consumers who See, Buy, and Love your brand.

Within our See, Buy, Love framework, we have full service capabilities.


We introduce shoppers to products that fulfill their needs through unique data and insights, optimized search, and full funnel media.


We drive shoppers to purchase by building confidence in your brand and products leveraging unique approaches to content and other conversion drivers.


Our product experiences build long-term trust in your brand. We follow through on the established promise, innovate, and earn shoppers’ loyalty to keep them coming back for more.

CourtAvenue Commerce Offerings


With our 5-step content development process, we deliver content that infuses the voice of the customer and validates creative imagery using AI – ensuring your content is easily found and drives conversions on the digital shelf.


Our commerce data lake streamlines connections and coordination between sales, retail media, digital media, and digital shelf data sets. It offers full flexibility in data ownership and builds BI capabilities while enabling AI readiness.


Our e-commerce operating system connects companies to shoppers and drives conversions with optimized SERP and PDP content, an agile channel-agnostic media mix, and a robust commerce data solution.


We enable businesses to deploy the latest AI-powered Large Language Model (LLM) technology on their digital platforms using their unique data, brand, and voice.

How We Partner

We understand no business is like the next, and our clients need customized solutions. We’ll collaborate in a way that best meets your needs. 

Agency of Record

Our fully integrated CourtAvenue team operates as a part of your brand, firing on all agency department cylinders.

Extension of Teams

We act as an extension of your team to help augment where internally there is a staff or capability outage.

Specialized Consultation

We help you strategize for a specific capability or new launch, training clients and handing off to internal team members. 

Innovative Pilots

We focus on specific innovation challenges, delivering strategies and ideation, then handing off for development or executing prototype or build.

Offshore Production

We partner with CourtAvenue LATAM to gain content and creative efficiencies when scaling larger commerce production scopes.

The CourtAvenue Collective

When you partner with CourtAvenue, you gain access to the CourtAvenue Collective, a group of companies with niche capabilities and motivated founders, all working together to deliver exceptional results.

Experiential Design
Through design and technology, Gigantic Playground unites people, places, and things with interactive shopping experiences and products for some of the world’s most beloved brands.

Media Management
Modifly is a performance media and creative agency that supports brand growth online and in-store. We collaborate with emerging and enterprise brands to promote growth throughout different sectors of a client’s business.


Our partners in Latin America offer creative support on our large-scale projects and provide digital transformation and media services to a rapidly growing LATAM market.

What Our Clients Say

“CourtAvenue’s doing dynamic, insightful testing and learning as well as customization for the retail last mile based on retailer algorithm. That approach has been really helpful in advancing our digital shelf content.”
Laura Gustafson
Sr. Director, eCommerce Growth & Innovation, Elanco
“[CourtAvenue’s] work speaks for itself. The partnership you get, in addition to the work, is second to none. They are collaborative, engaged, flexible, and seriously just great people all around. I love working with them.”
Bri Spitznagel
Commerce Capabilities Manager, Blue Buffalo

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