Kayla Brodman:
Chief Experience Officer

How a Human-Centered Unification Strategy Drives CX and Digital Transformation

In the last year, many of our client partnerships focused on unifying diverse digital properties. Many of these companies were considering this approach for various reasons like staff capacity, cannibalism of search dollars, and branding efforts. But while these are all good reasons to investigate a unification strategy, without a human- centered perspective, these strategies miss the opportunity to serve customers, give employees purpose, and outpace traditional and non-traditional competitors.

Business transformation without specific customer experience goals is simply an efficiency exercise and won't deliver profitable growth. It also overlooks the chance to enhance the overall customer journey, even if individual touchpoints seem effective.

That’s why CourtAvenue uses a human-centered approach, conducting primary research with customers to understand their goals, motivations, pain points, and tasks, and help them achieve these goals.

We work with the business to craft a customer experience (CX) vision that aligns with what the customer needs from the business and what the employee can uniquely bring through their employee experience (EX). Ideally, this vision statement would then be rolled out company-wide, with organizational capabilities aligning to that vision. But because these efforts don’t often start in an ideal fashion, we employ a dot-com unification approach as a proving ground for implementing a CX philosophy within a company.

Through journey mapping, we gain insights into the needs of the customer and how they prefer to engage with various channels. We also get a clear understanding of the purpose for each channel and property. We make informed decisions based on data and empathy across macro-to-micro interaction levels. By empathizing and directly incorporating customer feedback, we can create a unification strategy based on their needs, desires, and behaviors rather than being solely driven by branding or operational concerns.

CourtAvenue’s human-centered dot-com unification approach provides a clear roadmap for digital transformation prioritization through a solid CX strategy. This approach allows us to create a cohesive, seamless, and frictionless experience across all of your digital properties, ultimately enhancing both customer satisfaction and business outcomes.