"Digital Innovation is defined by 3 pillars:
Speed, Convenience, Trust / Transparency."

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Co-Founder & Partner of CourtAvenue, Kenny Tomlin.

CourtAvenue primarily works with Fortune 1000 companies and emerging challengers in the venture-backed and private equity-funded space. They offer various services, including managing and operating clients’ digital presence, utilizing AI and emerging technologies for customer engagement, developing digital products and software, and optimizing platforms like Salesforce and Adobe.

Kenny shared that the industry has evolved significantly due to the rapid emergence of new technologies. This evolution presents both challenges and opportunities for their clients.

CourtAvenue is known for its expertise in digital strategy, helping clients navigate the competitive landscape and improve their business by adopting emerging technologies. They also specialize in the shopper e-commerce category, assisting clients in succeeding in omnichannel retail, including online and in-store experiences.

Kenny believes digital transformation has a return on investment and can help companies operate more effectively and efficiently. He mentioned that CourtAvenue is expanding globally, with an office in Latin America, and they are actively looking for new clients.