Grow your Team Quickly with Nearshore Talent in Latin America

CourtAvenue is proud to announce the launch of Humano, a premier resource for companies seeking top-tier professionals across Latin America. We specialize in Technology, creative and performance media sectors, while offering expertise across a wide spectrum of skills tailored to meet your specific needs.

In 2023 we launched CourtAvenue LATAM and have grown rapidly serving some of the region’s most important brands, like  Telcel, while also supporting our US business clients like,  KIA, EPSON, General Mills, HOLLY HUNT, API, and many others.

We launched Humano in response to the growing requests from our US clients to help them access highly skilled professionals at competitive rates. These team members operate from CourtAvenue offices, seamlessly integrating with our workforce, fostering a positive work environment and culture that appeals to the industry’s best talent. We offer a thorough screening process and employee benefits.

The company is led by Jaime Kalb, who also leads CourtAvenue LATAM. Jaime has over 20 years of experience building and investing in companies in the region and has a broad network and reach. We are not your average staffing partner that markets through LinkedIn DM’s and spam. Rather, we support our clients by understanding their business needs and helping them bring the right individuals or building dedicated teams that provide full-service strategy, design and execution on a project or retained team basis.

Whether you’re in need of IT experts, creative minds, media experts or other skills, Humano, backed by the collective strength of CourtAvenue, is your trusted partner for building dynamic and proficient teams swiftly and effectively.

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