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5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became a Founder

“Don’t take it personally. An employee resigning, a customer canceling, missing a quarterly goal; this isn’t a reflection of you personally. It’s just business. Alternatively, when things are going great, don’t let it go to your head. As a founder, it’s so easy to personalize your business as a reflection of you, but that actually leads to irrational decision making.” – Kenny Tomlin, Founding Partner CourtAvenue

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Leveraging Generative AI

Generative AI has become a focus for many within our industry in recent months. A subset of AI-based startups is looking to transform the use of AI within the creative development process – transitioning from a world where only humans could deliver creative work that was legible and well designed to one where AI pairs creatives and machines closely together to improve outputs. Generative AI is predicted to become ready for mainstream use around 2030, but many are still unsure about what a successful AI + creative team partnership could look like. Generative AI startups don’t look to remove creative inputs, but instead, free up creatives to work differently.

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Three Metrics & One KPI Framework to Rule Them All

If you talk to twenty different marketing and media professionals and ask them for their KPI framework for which they measure success, you’ll likely get twenty different answers. Upon closer inspection, some metrics may be a common thread, but all too often pitfalls exist; some versions may try to measure everything to the point of becoming an eye chart of ups and downs, while others may be so focused on a specific job to be done that they lose context of the bigger picture. At CourtAvenue, we use a KPI framework that aims to simplify format, provide a balance of metrics, and allow for scalability across channels and experiences. All while introducing the customer journey into the mix.

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CourtAvenue Launches Latin America Office Amid Continued Corporate Growth

Led by Kalb and his team, CourtAvenue Latin America is guiding clients through the digital ecosystem and catalyzing their digital transformation journeys, producing business strategies that enable better customer experiences, generate revenue growth, and prioritize cost optimization. With an expansive network and a skillful team of industry experts, CourtAvenue Latin America offers intelligent solutions that address clients’ needs and open up new business possibilities with consultancy and strategy services and commerce experience to clients in Mexico.

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CourtAvenue Appoints Julie Koepsell as Head of Clients

CourtAvenue is proud to welcome Julie Koepsell as Head of Clients. Formally working as the North American President of Horizontal Digital, Koepsell comes to CourtAvenue with experience leading teams and partnering with clients across multiple industries, including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and retail. In her new role, Koepsell will guide CourtAvenue’s Business Innovation team and work closely with clients to create relationships that foster mutually-beneficial growth and create long-term value for both CourtAvenue and client teams.

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CourtAvenue Appoints Rosie McGuire Chief Creative Officer

CourtAvenue is excited to welcome Rosie McGuire as Chief Creative Officer. Formerly working as the Executive Creative Director of Experience Design at VMLY&R, McGuire has over 20 years of experience crafting beautiful experiences and inspiring teams to create award-winning work. In her new role with CourtAvenue, McGuire will lead the agency’s creative department and guide the team across a variety of projects and new developments, including customer experience, branding, and campaign work. “I’m so excited to join a team with passion for innovative experiences – solving problems by beautifully merging the physical & digital worlds,” says McGuire.

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10 Reasons We’re Excited About the Future

Each year at CourtAvenue, we look around and think through some of the technology and industry shifts that are exciting. In some cases, these represent the convergence of technology, such as in the idea of applying the concept of an AI digital twin to a persona, where the persona can really come alive versus being a static artifact. We also consider technologies gaining maturity, such as augmented and virtual reality, and how they may start to blend into the everyday web and mobile sites we commonly use.

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