Kia’s innovative vehicles inspire and empower drivers around the world. When they relaunched their brand in 2021, they needed their website to align with their new brand identity. As their Digital Agency of Record, we helped them create a best-in-class and intuitive website that told the story of the new Kia.

Taking inspiration from their vehicles, we set out to elevate Kia.com to be a premium experience with a sleek and intuitive design system.

Homepage Redesign

Performance metrics showed that people were struggling to use and navigate Kia’s homepage. To create an easier and more engaging user experience, we redesigned Kia’s homepage to enhance usability, improve shopping experiences, and better reflect the brand. The end result was a homepage that helped elevate the brand’s status and create a better (and more beautiful) experience for consumers.


more engagement with re-architected Hero with video


increase in sitewide test drive inquiries


In a highly regarded 3rd party’s study, Kia.com moved from 16th place to 1st among U.S. OEMs

Navigation Overhaul

Our research also showed that the site’s navigation was difficult to use, and people couldn’t find what they were looking for. So we updated the placement, language, and design of the menu to simplify navigation. Simple visual cues also made the navigation menu more inviting and user-friendly, which increased click rates and landing page visits.


increase in Vehicles navigation engagement 


increase in Homepage visits after viewing Model Experience Pages

Build & Price

Build & Price is a complex tool that lets people configure Kia vehicles with available features and options. It’s also Kia’s best tool for driving purchases on their site. However, the Build & Price interface was challenging for users, and it was causing many consumers to drop off during the process.

We organized the many interdependencies and conflict states within Build & Price’s backend to create a more elegant frontend experience. By updating the flow and design of the tool, we made exploring vehicles easier and helped people connect with their local dealers.


lift in rate of high-value actions


reduction in “conflict errors”


increase in time users spend with Build & Price

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